Digital Strategy in Sports


At Marveyl, we believe in the power of image – the idea that smart tailor-made actions across all platforms better engage fans and sponsors.

Drawing from years of experience in web & social media technologies, marketing and media, we pioneer a new role in the life of our clients, professional athletes, clubs and brands, helping them navigate effectively the digital ecosystem to exponentially increase their reach and influence, and monetize their image.


Social Media Management


Moderation & community management: our engagement services turn your social media strategy into day-to-day action: posting, analyzing, interacting with fans, liaising with brands and partners.

Public Relations

Influencing and controlling your image: we consider your reputation as an intangible asset when it comes to spread your name in the public sphere. Tracking your online reputation is our commitment.

Brands & Clubs

Image monetization: by consolidating your online and offline presence, we are able to supply an enhanced relationship with your club, partners and sponsors with tangible benefits for both.

Charitable Activities

Raising funds and awareness: we leverage from our client’s high visibility to raise funds and awareness for charitable projects they support and we help them implement their strategy.